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TV Commercials for Japanese Classrooms The Production and Evaluation of Video Materials for Japanese-Language Learners Overseas

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  • カイガイ ムケ ビデオ キョウザイ 『ニホンゴ キョウイク ヨウ テレビ コマーシャル シュウ』 -キョウザイ セイサク ト ソノ ヒョウカ-
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This paper attempts to clarify the aim and features of the new video materials named “TV Commercials for Japanese Classrooms, 2003 & 2005 ”produced by The Japan Foundation for Japanese-language learners overseas. It also aims to evaluate the materials based on the results of the questionnaires as answered by users in 61 countries; as well as some practical reports. The aim of these authentic materials is to introduce not only the Japanese spoken language and the latest trends in Japanese society, but also the cultural backgrounds of the TV commercials. The results of the analysis are as follows: 1) Regarding the frequency of practical use, it seems there is variety among the users in different countries. 2) There is a variety in the educational institutions and Japanese language levels in which the materials are used. Especially, they are frequently used at the beginning levels. 3) The materials are mainly used for the introduction of Japanese culture and society. 4) The materials are also used for fun. 5) There is a tendency to demand the easiness of understanding. It is also observed that the aspect of entertainment toward Japanese TV commercials is also becoming important. These findings may lead to the conclusion that the new materials are overall properly evaluated, but the difficulty of understanding TV commercials is left as a problem that suggests the need of proper selection of TV commercials and the need of teachers’support system.





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