<Research Report>Nuclear Magnetic Resonance on quasi-1D conductor β-Ag[0.33]V[2]O[5]

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  • <研究ノート>擬一次元導体β-Ag[0.33]V[2]O[5]の核磁気共鳴
  • ギ1ジゲン ドウタイ ベータ Ag0 33V2O5 ノ カク ジキ キョウメイ

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The local electric properties of quasi-1D conductorβ-Ag[0.33]V[2]O[5] were studied at ambient pressure using a nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and zero-field resonance (ZFR) technique. We introduce a charge-ordering (CO) model in the insulator phase and the spin structure in the antiferromagnetic phase suggested by the electric-field-gradient tensor and ZFR frequencies.


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