An Online Checklist and Database of the Japanese Weevils (Insecta: Coleoptera: Curculionoidea)(excepting Scolytidae and Platypodidae)

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  • 日本産ゾウムシ上科のオンライン目録とデータベース

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A provisional checklist of the superfamily Curculionoidea of Japan excepting families Scolytidae and Platypodidae is presented based on the recent classification system, mainly followed after Alonso-Zarazaga & Lyal (1999). A total of 446 genera, 1,182 species and 13 subspecies, are enumerated. It will also be presented on the following web site combined with database ( Nomenclatural changes proposed in this catalogue are as follows: Temnocerus terminassianae Legalov, 2002=Temnocerus morimotoi (Sawada, 1997), syn. nov. Anthonomus terreus (Gyllenhal., 1836), stat. res. [from subspecies of Anthonomus rubi (Herbst, 1795)] Cionus ogasawarai Kono, 1920=Stereonychus japonicus Hustache, 1920, syn. nov. Cionus ochraceus Hustache, 1920=Stereonychus thoracicus Faust, 1882, syn. nov. Dorytomus budarini Korotyaev, 1977=Dorytomus maculipennis Roelofs, 1874, syn. nov. Dorytomus etorofuensis Kono, 1935=Dorytomus occalescens (Gyllenhal, 1836), syn. nov. Dorytomus shikotanus Kono, 1935=Dorytomus leucophyllus (Motschulsky, 1845), syn. nov. Gasterocercus enokivorus Kono, 1932=Gasterocercus longipes Kono, 1932, syn. nov. Parempleurus Heller, 1931 is transferred from Gasterocercini to Psepholacini, new placement Agasterocercus sakaguchii Kono, 1932=Parempleurus dentirostris Heller, 1931, syn. nov. Heterarthrus pallidipennis Wollaston, 1873=Kojimazo lewisii (Wollaston, 1873), syn. nov. Larinus (Phyllonomeus) meleagris Petri, 1907, stat. res. [from synonym of Larinus griseopilosus Roelofs, 1873]


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