A checklist of copepods of the families Dichelesthiidae, Hatschekiidae and Pseudohatschekiidae (Siphonostomatoida) from fishes in Japanese waters (1916-2012)

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  • 日本産魚類に寄生するツツウオジラミ科,エラノミ科(新称) Hatschekiidae およびニセエラノミ科(新称) Pseudohatschekiidae カイアシ類の目録(1916-2012年)
  • ニホンサンギョルイ ニ キセイ スル ツツウオジラミカ,エラノミカ(シンショウ)Hatschekiidae オヨビ ニセエラノミカ(シンショウ)Pseudohatschekiidae カイアシルイ ノ モクロク(1916-2012ネン)

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Based on the literature published between 1916 and 2012, a checklist is compiled for the following 46 nominal species and 1 unidentified species of three copepod families Dichelesthiidae (1 nominal species in Anthosoma), Hatschekiidae (44 nominal species in Hatschekia, Prohatschekia, Pseudocongericola; 1 unidentified species in Hatschekia) and Pseudohatschekiidae (1 nominal species in Pseudohatschekia) from Japanese fishes. This checklist contains information for each copepod species regarding its host(s), attachment site, known geographical distribution in Japanese waters, and references.



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