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  • ヨウショク ギョカイルイ ノ キセイチュウ ノ ヒョウジュン ワメイ モクロク

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A synopsis of Japanese names is compiled for the parasites reported from cultured fishes and shellfishes in Japan, based on the literature published between 1916 and 2014. A total of 137 species of the parasites, comprising 7 microsporeans, 4 flagellates, 7 ciliates, 32 myxozoans, 24 monogeneans, 9 trematodes, 3 cestodes, 10 nematodes, 6 acanthocephalans, 5 hirudineans, and 30 crustaceans, are selected, and new Japanese names are proposed for 40 genera and 77 species of the parasites. Some important references for each parasite, e.g., a case report, biology, and pathology, are also added as a supplementary note.



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