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ハイランダー・フォークスクールとアメリカの労働運動 : 産業別組織会議(CIO)との関係を中心に

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  • ハイランダー フォーク スクール ト アメリカ ノ ロウドウ ウンドウ サンギョウベツ ソシキ カイギ CIO トノ カンケイ オ チュウシン ニ

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Highlander Folk School (HFS) was founded in 1932 in Monteagle, Tennessee by Myles Horton and Don West. One of its founders, Myles Horton was a pioneer in the cause of social justice in the Southern Region of America and is called "the Giant of adult education movement in the United States." Since its foundation, HFS was dedicated to teaching blacks and whites to challenge entrenched social, economic and political strictures of a segregated society. In the 1930s and 1940s, it developed labor education throughout the southern region in cooperation with CIO(the Congress of Industrial Organizations). This paper examines the role of HFS in the labor movement in the South and its relationship with CIO.



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