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友人に対する感情と必要なサポートとの関係 : 中学生,大学生を対象として

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  • ユウジン ニ タイスル カンジョウ ト ヒツヨウ ナ サポート ト ノ カンケイ : チュウガクセイ,ダイガクセイ オ タイショウ ト シテ

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The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between the feeling for friends and the needs for support from them. In a survey, middle-school and university students were asked to rate on two scales. The first scale measured feelings for friends: "Reliance and security," "Anxiety," "Independence," "Rivalry," and "Conflict". The second measured needs for different kinds of supports from friends: "Acceptance," "Belongingness," "Admiration." The results of a regression analysis showed that the effect of feelings for friends on the needs for supports had a significantly different pattern between middle-school and university students. For middle-school students, the results showed that only "Reliance and Security" increased the needs for supports from friends. On the other hand, for university students, the results were more complex. For example, not only "Reliance and security" but also "Anxiety" and "Rivalry" increased some kinds of needs for support. This different pattern of friendship at the two stages is discussed.



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