Writing is more than just writing: A case study of effective feedback within an intercultural writing center

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  • Writing is more than just writing : A case study of effective feedback within an intercultural setting of writing center

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The purpose of this study is to examine a ‘popular’ tutor’s beliefs on feedback and her regular tutee’s receptivity toward the feedback in order to investigate factors involved in giving ‘good’ feedback within intercultural settings. The data was gathered by interviewing a pair of L1 tutor and L2 tutee and observing their tutorial sessions. The results revealed the importance of three points: building a ‘safe house’ for both the tutor and the tutee, respecting the tutee’s ‘writer’s identity,’ and using praise in an appropriate way. This research was conducted at a writing center; however, the findings offer important insights into feedback that are applicable to language teachers in multicultural and multilingual settings as well.


  • 大学教育研究紀要

    大学教育研究紀要 9 43-50, 2013-12-30

    岡山大学国際センター, 岡山大学教育開発センター, 岡山大学言語教育センター, 岡山大学キャリア開発センター


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