Rethinking the Torah of Ezekiel : understanding it as the emergence of a new cultural Gestalt

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  • エゼキエルの律法再考 : 新しい文化的統一体の顕れとしての理解
  • エゼキエル ノ リッポウ サイコウ : アタラシイ ブンカテキ トウイツタイ ノ アラワレ トシテノ リカイ

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In this article, the particularity of the Torah of Ezekiel, which is contained in the Book of Ezekiel chap.40-48, is investigated by comparison with the Mosaic Torah and considered from the context of Ezekiel within its Book. Through that comparison, the Torah of Ezekiel is regarded as the "revised version of priestly rule in some topics,"; however, it is not just a partial revision or re-interpretation, but a cosmogonic one through consideration of chap.40-48. Consequently, the Torah of Ezekiel should be understood as a "new cultural Gestralt" produced in the process of the "Revitalization Movement," and such an understanding coincides with my thesis that the entire Book of Ezekiel should be understood as showing the inner creative process of Ezekiel.


  • 基督教研究

    基督教研究 72 (2), 1-18, 2010-12-06



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