Project for the Promotion of International Student Education and International Exchange in the Region by Kobe University

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  • 地域における留学生教育と国際交流の活性化に向けた神戸大学の取り組み : 「兵庫国際交流会館における国際交流拠点推進事業」
  • チイキ ニ オケル リュウガクセイ キョウイク ト コクサイ コウリュウ ノ カッセイカ ニ ムケタ コウベ ダイガク ノ トリクミ : ヒョウゴ コクサイ コウリュウ カイカン ニ オケル コクサイ コウリュウ キョテン スイシン ジギョウ

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This study examines “International Exchange Promotion at Hyogo International House (HIH)” a project commissioned by JASSO (Japan Student Services Organization) at Kobe University’s Center for International Education. The introduction outlines the context of this project, and mentions the achievements and issues in the arena of international student education and international exchange in Japanese universities and the region at large. Moreover, the study explains the concept of this project as follows: This project aims to facilitate the creation of a multicultural society, by supporting and educating international students outside campus, and encourages them to be Key persons for promoting international exchange in region. In recent political discourse, the importance and necessity of connecting international students and regions has been recognized. Therefore, the purpose of this project encompasses the idea of a multicultural society in the region and the promotion of foreign student policies in Japan. The project adopts four approaches to achieve its objectives: 1) Promoting multicultural and multi-lingual understanding, 2) Promoting social Japanese language education, 3) Educating students and local residents for disaster prevention, and 4) Providing career support. Through activities employing these four approaches, the project aims to change the function of HIH from a place of living to an interactive residence. Further, it proposes the use of HIH as a community space for international students and local residents, where they can learn about each other through interaction. Other aims of the project are the development of global human resources and the formation of a network or community. Some activities resulted in achieving the goal of developing global human resources. Efforts are being made to achieve the other goals, of forming a network or community and creating a common space. Finally, it is also necessary to evaluate this project with an objective evaluation index after the project’s culmination


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