Mental and Social Situations that Provide Support to Elderly People Living Alone

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  • 高齢者の一人暮らしを支えている精神的・社会的状況 【原著論文】
  • 高齢者の一人暮らしを支えている精神的・社会的状況
  • コウレイシャ ノ ヒトリグラシ オ ササエテ イル セイシンテキ ・ シャカイテキ ジョウキョウ

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In the present study, we focus on the extent to which elderly living in solitude are satisfied with their lifestyles. To examine this issue, semi-structured interviews were conducted with twelve elderly persons (ages 69-90). The transcripts from these interviews were analyzed through a qualitative-inductive approach. Overall, the obtained information could be classified into seven categories. Concerning their self-relationships, five categories could be noted: (1) Manners of interpretation regarding what it means to live alone; (2) attitudes and behavior exhibited in order to find pleasure and meaning in one’s life; (3) attitudes and behavior employed to survive hardship; (4) pride felt in one’s endeavors and past achievements; and (5) intentions behind self-confrontation. Concerning relationships with others, two categories could be seen: (6) An existence that provides encouragement to the elderly and (7) feelings of being useful to others. The information provided during the interviews suggests that in order for the elderly to better accept their present situation, it is necessary that they are able to find ways of deepening and improving both their self-relationships and relationships with others.


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