The Automatic Generation of Smart Contract Based on Configuration in the Field of Government Services

  • ZHANG Yaoyu
    College of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, Hefei University
  • ZHANG Jiarui
    College of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, Hefei University
  • ZHANG Han
    China National Software


<p>With the development of blockchain technology, the automatic generation of smart contract has become a hot research topic. The existing smart contract automatic generation technology still has improvement spaces in complex process, third-party specialized tools required, specific the compatibility of code and running environment. In this paper, we propose an automatic smart contract generation method, which is domain-oriented and configuration-based. It is designed and implemented with the application scenarios of government service. The process of configuration, public state database definition, code generation and formal verification are included. In the Hyperledger Fabric environment, the applicability of the generated smart contract code is verified. Furthermore, its quality and security are formally verified with the help of third-party testing tools. The experimental results show that the quality and security of the generated smart contract code meet the expect standards. The automatic smart contract generation will “elegantly” be applied on the work of anti-disclosure, privacy protection, and prophecy processing in government service. To effectively enable develop “programmable government”.</p>



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