A sustainable relationship between the nation and its citizens through public aid for Japanese language education


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  • 日本語教育の公的支援を通じた国家と市民の持続可能な関係
  • From narratives by a practitioner at a community-based Japanese language class that respects the native language of parent and child
  • 親子の母語を大切にする地域日本語教室の実践者の語りから


<p>How can community-based Japanese language classes that receive public aid maintain autonomy and can they implement optimal learning activities? This study focuses on narratives by a practitioner who emphasizes both Japanese and the students’ native languages, analyzing the response to the mobilization model that is latent in laws and policies of Japanese language education from a perspective of anarchism. Furthermore, the study explores the motive of the practitioner who supports the native languages of foreign residents and examines how a society can understand and respect diversity. The results reveal that while the practitioner responds to the needs of the public, she makes dialogic appeals regarding the importance of the native language of the affected parents and children through back-and-forth administrative procedures, collaborating with the parties involved to find the optimum solution. From this, a kind of anarchism emerges that enables the sustainability of the relationship between a nation and its citizens. In addition, the opportunity to meet these children face-to-face during the learning activities becomes the motive of the practitioner, creating a mutually beneficial relationship between the practitioner and the children. Here, we can locate a kind of conviviality in which individuals support each other’s personal inadequacies through networks, resulting in a collective sense of richness. At the same time, this study hints at the necessity to call for the creation of an environment that can change the existing social system that places excessive emphasis on the Japanese language, and the role that other practitioners and researchers have to play in this change.</p>


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