Measurement of angles of trunk inclination and rotation by use of 3D gyro sensor

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  • 3軸ジャイロセンサを用いた上体傾斜角と捻転角の測定
  • 3ジク ジャイロ センサ オ モチイタ ジョウタイ ケイシャカク ト ネンテンカク ノ ソクテイ

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To evaluate the flexibility or the low back, the maximum angles or trunk inclination and rotation were measured with three-axis gyro sensors (MDP-A3U9S, NEC-TOKIN) being able to detect the Eulerian angles; yaw, pitch and roll. Subjects were 232 female workers (20-59 yr) engaging in social welfare facililies. Each or two sensors was attached to the lumbar spine (L1) and the pelvis (S1) of the subject. The subject were asked to be in uprightly standing position at the start, and then to change the trunk position to the limit in the following order: (1) forward bending, (2) backward bending, (3) left lateral bending, (4) right lateral bending, (5) counterclockwise rotation (twist), and (6) clockwise rotation. The Eulerian angles were recorded into a personal computer every 100msec throughout the position changes. Before the position change test above, the current pain in the low back was investigated by a questionnaire. Except for the trunk rotation, every maximum movable angle of the lumbar spine on the basis of the pelvis significantly decreased with aging, on average, regardless of the low back pain. The age groups divided every IO years with the low back pain, on the whole, had smaller averages of the maximum movable angle, as compared with the same age groups without pain. There were significant differences in the averages of the maximum movable angle between having the pain and no pain for the forward bending in 40s and the rotation in 20s. It was suggested that the relationship between the trunk flexibility and the low back pain could be different by age and direction of position change.


  • 総合保健体育科学

    総合保健体育科学 30 (1), 61-64, 2007-03-31

    The Research Center of Health, Physical Fitness and Sports, Nagoya University

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