The Effect on the Coaching Method of Running without the Consciousness to Kick the Ground : A Case Study of Practical Instruction in the Physical Education Class

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  • 地面を蹴らない走り方指導法の有効性について : 体育授業での実践指導を通して
  • ジメン オ ケラナイ ハシリ カタ シドウホウ ノ ユウコウセイ ニ ツイテ : タイイク ジュギョウ デ ノ ジッセン シドウ オ トオシテ

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We developed the coaching method of running without the consciousness which kicks the ground. In this research, The subjects were taught the method of the running in the physical education class of a technical college. Then, a questionnaire survey was carried out in order to verify the effectiveness of the coaching method through the comparison with the method of running with which the subjects kick the ground. The following results and implications were acquired (1) The percentage of the subjects who answered ""I like running"" increased after the instruction. (2) The subjects' thoughts against each method of running were very opposite. To the running method without kicking the ground, the subjects thought ""I can run comfortably"", "" I am not tired"", and ""I can run as if I do not make sound"". On the other hand, to the running method with kicking the ground, the subjects thought ""I use much power"", "" I am tired "", and ""I run with much noise"". (3) Running will be considered as ""tiring"" and ""complicated"" if the running instructions emphasizes""kick the ground strongly"" at physical education classes of elementary and junior high schools or instructions of track and field. Therefore, from the viewpoint of the lifelong sport, it was suggested that the running method with kicking ground is a method which must be improved. (4) The running method without kicking ground connects an affirmative image such as ""easy"" and ""not tiring"". Therefore, this method can be expected as the contribution to the lifelong sport.


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