Awareness and Learning of Participants in Community Development Discussions: From the Analysis of Intergenerational Dialogues

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  • まちづくりの話し合いにおける参加者の気づきと学び―異世代間の対話の分析から―


<p>This study aims to explore what factors enhance participants’ awareness and learning in community development discussions. Based on the mixed research method between quantitative analysis of questionnaires and conversation analysis on the actual discussion, this study focuses on two types of groups: a) participants evaluate their intergenerational discussions positively and explicitly refer to generational categories, and b) participants evaluate their intergenerational discussions negatively and hardly mention generational categories. The analysis indicates the followings: in the former group, participants were oriented to their intergenerational relationship, and interpreted each opinion as representing their own or other’s generation. In contrast, participants in the latter group tended to complain the local government which organized the workshop. These results suggest that it would be useful to design the workshop to facilitate participants’ orientation towards their ‘intergenerationality’ in order to enhance their awareness and learning.</p>


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