Comparison of Bubble Characteristics and Their Application Effects in Shearing Type and Pressurized Dissolution Type Microbubbles

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  • せん断式と加圧溶解式マイクロバブルにおける気泡特性とその効果の比較


<p>Microbubbles are tiny bubbles with a 1–100 μm diameter. They have unique chemical and physical characteristics compared to ordinary bubbles that have diameters on the order of several tens of micrometers.However, the effect of generation method on microbubble characteristics has not been fully understood and these findings can have important implications in a wide range microbubble applications. The aim of this study is to investigate the characteristics of microbubbles generated by different generation methods and evaluate the application effect. Two types of microbubble generator (shear type and pressurized dissolution type) were used in this experiment. The shear type generator used in this study was a slit shear type generator developed in our laboratory. It was confirmed that microbubble size distributions and the microbubble adsorption to substances in water were affected by the generation method.</p>


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