Flying Light Captured with a Multi-framing Image Sensor Operating at 10 ns

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  • 1億枚/秒のマルチフレーミングセンサによる飛翔する光の撮影


<p>A multi-framing image sensor operating at 10 ns was designed and fabricated with a silicon technology in 2017. As a part of the evaluation, the test camera is applied to capturing the flying light. Some images of light in the flight have already been reported. They were captured with special advanced imaging devices and data processing technologies. This paper presents for the first time a series of images of the flying light successfully captured by a camera simply with a single silicon image sensor. The cameras with silicon image sensors are easy to handle and convenient for the post data processing. The achievement will open a new horizon of the ultra-high-speed imaging with the silicon image sensors, which will replace the existing imaging devices for the pico- to nano-second imaging.</p>


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