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Effectiveness of Heads Up Tackling (HUT) program on characteristics of tackling in the game of American football:


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  • アメリカンフットボールにおけるHeads Up Tackling(HUT)指導プログラムが試合中のタックル様相に与える影響
  • From the case study on a football player with history of multiple concussions
  • -複数回の脳震盪既往を持つ競技者の事例から-


<p>    The purpose of this study was to investigate how coaching based on HUT for tackling would affect playersʼ tackling characteristics during a game, and to inspect ways on improving tackling skills for players with experience of multiple concussions, which would result in obtaining beneficial material for coaching. Head impacts on football players include direct association to brain and spine injury, and chronic injuries such as chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). So, all tackles attempted by the targeted player (who has had multiple concussion experiences) during the 2016 and 2017 seasons and before and after HUT intervention executed in the 2017 season were analyzed. A total of 25 coded tackles were compared in terms of “tackling characteristics” to examine the effect of HUT intervention on improving safe tackling skills. The result revealed that (1) the “Posture” and “Leverage” in “Pre-contact phase” was improved after HUT intervention. (2) the “Type of tackle” in “Contact phase” was improved after HUT intervention. (3) all categories of “Post-contact phase” was improved after HUT intervention. Therefore, intervention of the HUT program may improve tackling skills even with a player with experience of multiple concussion. This result of the study is seen to be an effective and useful material for coaching safe tackling skills.</p>


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