A Study on Techniques of Expression by Oil Paint -Transition and Future Prospect-

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  • 油絵具を用いた表現技法について―変遷と展望―
  • アブラエノグ オ モチイタ ヒョウゲン ギホウ ニ ツイテ : ヘンセン ト テンボウ

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<p>Techniques of expression by oil painting are related to the property of oil paint. Especially, there are drying oil, petrol, etc. By means of high transparency and high plasticity, Glazing Techniques and Alla Prima exist. Oil painting will develop because of expression by mixed technique in the future.</p>


  • Oleoscience

    Oleoscience 19 (9), 379-385, 2019

    Japan Oil Chemists' Society

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