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  • 周防大島町における自治体による小規模高齢者通所介護施設の整備効果
  • 周防大島町における自治体による小規模高齢者通所介護施設の整備効果 : 島嶼地域における高齢者通所介護施設の配置計画論
  • スオウオオシママチ ニ オケル ジチタイ ニ ヨル ショウキボ コウレイシャツウショカイゴシセツ ノ セイビ コウカ : トウショチイキ ニ オケル コウレイシャツウショカイゴシセツ ノ ハイチ ケイカクロン
  • -Site planning method of day care facilities for the elderly in island areas-
  • -島嶼地域における高齢者通所介護施設の配置計画論-

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<p> 1. Introduction</p><p> In islands, there are few choices of elderly welfare services because of geographic isolation and surrounding seas. A day care facility has a large role as the facility supporting the elderly’s daily life, because there are few nursing homes in the islands. It is an important issue to continue providing elderly welfare service in islands that has geographic disadvantages and few population supporting the elderly.</p><p> So, this paper aims to clarify the effects of establishment of satellite type’s small-scale facility by the municipality, based on analyzing the effects of sharing use sphere and function between the regional nucleus facilities and satellite type facilities in Suo-Oshima town.</p><p> 2. Process of facility establishment</p><p> In the early 1990’s, the local governments established two day care facilities with special nursing homes managed by the social welfare corporations and entrust management to the social welfare corporations (in Towa and Kuka town). And, the local govern ments established two special nursing homes and day care facilities, and established social welfare corporations for entrusting management (in Oshima and Tachibana town). Therefore, one day care facility was established as a regional nucleus facility each towns.</p><p> In the late 1990’s, the local government established the small-scale day care facilities, because the local government recognized the importance of integrated community care system (in Oshima town). And, the local government established the small-scale day care facility, life support house and home-visit care because of supply of equal welfare service and measures against increasing solitary elderly (in Tachibana town). In addition, the local government established three small-scale day care facility because of reducing transportation time of the regional nucleus facility and securing the base for the helpers (in Towa town). Therefore, six satellite type facilities were established in three old towns.</p><p> 3. Effect of small-scale facility establishment</p><p> 50% use spheres of almost facilities are less than 2.8km, and don’t overlap. And, share of the facility function is clarified, when two facilities are close. On the other hand, share of the use sphere is clarified when two facilities are far. In the estimation of only regional nucleus facilities, 50% use spheres expand in Oshima and Towa town, so the effect of shortening use sphere has been confirmed by satellite type facility establishment in two old towns.</p><p> The user’s pickup time by staff is short in almost facilities, because staffs exercise ingenuity of transportation method such as allotting cars by the areas in the facility with large use sphere. On the other hand, user’s riding time is long in the facility that the number of riding users in one car is many. So, the time is different by the transportation method and use sphere.</p><p> 4. Consideration</p><p> The establishment of satellite type facility is effective in the area of scattered settlements such as the islands, because this paper has confirmed the effects of sharing a use sphere and reducing a pick-up time by the establishment of the satellite type facilities in addition to the regional nucleus facilities in each district after the merger in Showa period.</p>



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