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Evaluation of Analytical Condition of Moving Particle Semi-Implicit Method to Estimate the Tsunami Force Acting on Bridge Girders

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  • 橋梁を対象とした津波模型実験の再現に向けた粒子法の解析条件に関する検討


<p>The authors conducted a series of numerical simulations to estimate the tsunami forces acting on bridge girders based on Moving Particle Semi-implicit method. The experimental results provided by the Earthquake Engineering Committee of Japan Society of Civil Engineers, and those performed by Shoji et al. (2016) were employed in this study to evaluate the accuracy of the results of numerical simulations. The wave height, velocity, and forces acting on bridge girders were selected to evaluate the accuracy of the simulations. According to the comparisons between the experimental results and the analytical ones, the initial distance between two particles should be set properly according to the size of bridge girder so as to obtain better results. If the ratio of the distance between two particles to the length of bridge girder is set to be in the range of 1/50-1/40, the analytical result is satisfactory. It was difficult to simulate the vertical force acting on the bridge girder in some cases. To solve this problem, a future study is required.</p>



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