Collaboration to Activate <i>Kiyo</i> (Academic Bulletins) as Online Journals: The <i>Kiyo</i> Editors Network's Challenges and Requirements

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  • 紀要の電子ジャーナル出版における連携を目指して:紀要編集者ネットワークの挑戦と課題
  • キヨウ ノ デンシ ジャーナル シュッパン ニ オケル レンケイ オ メザシテ : キヨウ ヘンシュウシャ ネットワーク ノ チョウセン ト カダイ

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<p>The Kiyo Editors Network began as a means to build connections among editors of kiyo (bulletin journals published by universities or research institutes in Japan), and to also connect them with librarians, printing companies, and others. Based on one of the authors’ work experiences as a managing editor of kiyo, and views and information exchanged among various members of the network, the authors suggest four actions to develop kiyo as online journals. These are:1) creating systems to support the work of editorial committees, which requires knowledge of particular laws, such as copyright law, 2) sharing know-how of editing and managing, 3) sharing information on trends in academic information distribution, and 4) cooperating with university and institutional repositories as publishing platforms.</p>



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