Evaluation of the Collaboration between Community Interprofessionals and Pharmacists for Early Detection of Dementia

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  • 認知症早期発見を目的として構築した保険薬局薬剤師と地域多職種との連携体制の評価
  • ニンチショウ ソウキ ハッケン オ モクテキ ト シテ コウチク シタ ホケン ヤッキョク ヤクザイシ ト チイキ タショクシュ ト ノ レンケイ タイセイ ノ ヒョウカ

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<p>The purpose of this study is to evaluate the collaboration system between Muscat Pharmacy and community general support center by verifying the results of tests for early detection of dementia, and the early support response for the participants with suspected dementia by the center. From December 2016 to November 2018, we conducted measurement sessions using a touch panel-type test, MSP-1100 at 23 events that included health promotion classes and local community events directed by community general support center. At a later date, a visit survey was administered by the center to the participants with suspected dementia those who received a score lower than 12, and their individual records of early support responses and follow-ups were evaluated and analyzed. During the period, 597 participants had measurements taken with the touch panel-type test. Among them, 89 (14.9% of total) participants received a score lower than 12. The contents of the support by the center for the low-scoring participants were classified into nine categories. Forty of the 89 low-scoring participants were judged to have no problems. Others were cooperatively followed up with medical consultation recommendation, receiving home care management, and/or having their information provided physicians by the Muscat pharmacy and the center. The results of our study indicate that the cooperation between community pharmacy and community general support centers could allow for the early detection of dementia and follow-ups for suspected dementia.</p>



    YAKUGAKU ZASSHI 139 (12), 1583-1590, 2019-12-01

    The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan

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