The Living Condition of the Poor People of Kumilla District in Bangladesh : The Impact of Model Rural Development Programme


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  • バングラデシュクミッラ県における貧困層の生活状態 : モデル農村開発計画によるインパクト
  • バングラデシュ クミッラケン ニ オケル ヒンコンソウ ノ セイカツ ジョウタイ モデル ノウソン カイハツ ケイカク ニ ヨル インパクト

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This paper aims to examine the impact of Model Rural Development Programme (Japan' s ODA) on the living condition of the poor people of Daudkandi Thana in Kumilla District. Our research is based on the previous studies and our interviews conducted during the year 1999-2008. The poor people have lived in the unions, where the local vested interests have invited MRDP. They have played the role of members of Thana Central Cooperative Association in this programme. Following the experiment of Comilla Model, MRDP has also promoted a modern agricultural production method. The effect of MRDP has increased the production of High Yield Variety of Boro rice in the dry season only. However, due to the introduction of modern agricultural production methods using irrigation pump, a large quantity of water, chemical fertilizer and agrichemicals, the farmers have to bear the considerably high costs of agriculture production. If the farmers are landless or can't pay those costs, MRDP does not involve them in the programme. As a matter of fact, mechanized agricultural production always deprives the daily agricultural laborers of their work. The production of HYV rice has concentrated in the dry season. The effect of this sharply decreases the plantation of traditional varieties of rice in the rainy season. As a result of this, many poor people lose the opportunity of employment in the rainy season. Moreover, the prices of crops rise in this season and many people are forced to borrow money in ordert to purchase food during this time. The trickle down effect on the poor people couldn't be verified by our research. Therefore, the current situation has made an accumulation of mass unemployment and underemployed workers in the area and the poverty problem remained unsolved.


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