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The Muscular Activities of Musculus Tensor Fasciae Latae

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  • 大腿筋膜張筋の筋活動
  • ―股関節肢位および各種動作における検討―
  • ―Changes with Hip Positions and Movements of Therapeutic Exercise―

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The present study was made to grasp the angle of hip joint at which the greatest muscular activity of musculus tensor fasciae latae (TFL) can be obtained and to examine the muscular activities of a variety of movements of therapeutic exercises. The subjects were 6 males and 4 females. The muscular activity of TFL was measured by rectified and filtered electromyographies (RFEMG) during maximal isometric contractions with the hip joint flexed or abducted at 0 or 15 degrees in supine or prone position. % RFEMG of the following 4 movements were also measured (standing up and sitting down, full squatting, one-legged standing with the knee flexed at 60° and one- and both-legged bridgings). As a result, muscular activity of TFL was significantly greater at the flexion angle of 0° than at that of 45° in the same position and abduction angle, and was the greatest in one-legged bridging (79%).


  • Physical Therapy Japan

    Physical Therapy Japan 24 (5), 270-273, 1997-07-31

    Japanese Society of Physical Therapy

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