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  • 学童保育施設における夏休み開催行事「地域塾」の集団規模と使われ方
  • 学童保育施設における夏休み開催行事「地域塾」の集団規模と使われ方 : 農家の納屋を改修した「つばめの家」の事例研究
  • ガクドウ ホイク シセツ ニ オケル ナツヤスミ カイサイ ギョウジ 「 チイキジュク 」 ノ シュウダン キボ ト ツカワレ カタ : ノウカ ノ ナヤ オ カイシュウ シタ 「 ツバメ ノ イエ 」 ノ ジレイ ケンキュウ
  • -農家の納屋を改修した「つばめの家」の事例研究-
  • -Case study on the “<i>SWALLOW HOUSE</i>” converted from farmer's barn-

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 In this paper, for the afterschool childcare facility with the space composition of three sphere type that has the usable area of 60square meters, the influence on deployment of the staff's preparation and pupil's act is explained by the difference in the group scale of an event named "local cram school" during the summer vacation.<br> About the pupils group scale and space conditions, in case of the number of pupils is 20 or less persons, the cram school programs of music, talk and handicraft are carried out smoothly. The preparation for the next program is held in another room during a program is in advance. At the same time, the pupils escape place is also secured. In the case of about 25 pupils, the cram school programs of music, talk and light handicraft are carried out in one playroom. On the other hand, two rooms are used in both heavy handicraft and physical exercise cram school. Since the preparation and settlement can be held in precedence, the usage that suited two-room type space composition is possible.<br> However, in case that the number of pupils exceeds 25 persons, the number of programs are reduced only to study, cram school and lunch and staffs prepare desks for study before pupils visit to the facility, and change the place for lunch into playroom. By this change, the emphasis is put on the reducing of overlapping of pupils act and staff'swork in the same space. Since the cram school that carries out concurrent use of two room increases, duplication of act arises at the time of program conversion. Therefore, the device that reduces confusion by the staff's division of roles is held. On the whole, the usage that cannot harness the feature of two-room and 3 sphere type space composition that can precede preparation and settlement is increasing. Therefore, it is judged that un-suiting has arisen on group scale and space conditions.<br> In the case of facility with usable area of about 60square meters, the proper capacity of various cram schools held in holiday childcare is judged to be about 20~25 persons.


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