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The Practical Report of and Evaluation by Students: Active-learning of Nursing Process of Pediatric Patients Using the Jigsaw Classroom

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  • ジグソー法を取り入れたアクティブラーニングに対する学生からの評価:
  • ジグソー法を取り入れたアクティブラーニングに対する学生からの評価 : 小児看護学演習科目における看護過程展開の実践報告
  • ジグソーホウ オ トリイレタ アクティブラーニング ニ タイスル ガクセイ カラ ノ ヒョウカ : ショウニ カンゴガク エンシュウ カモク ニ オケル カンゴ カテイ テンカイ ノ ジッセン ホウコク
  • 小児看護学演習科目における看護過程展開の実践報告

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<p>Purpose: We conducted an active-learning program on nursing process of pediatric patients using the jigsaw classroom among nursing sophomores. We prepared a practical report on it including its evaluation by the students.</p><p>Methods: The participants included 76 students who were divided into 19 groups of 4 students. Students organized expert groups for each of the following four assessments: Disorder and treatment, life, growth and development, and family. The students discussed the each of assessments in expert groups. Students returned to jigsaw group and taught each other about the assessment. Students described concept maps, clarified nursing problems, and made nursing care plans. After students’ presentation, we distributed questionnaires.</p><p>Results: After active-learning, 65 students responded to the questionnaire. Most students answered “I was able to participate positively” and “I was able to participate responsibly.” The average of their satisfaction with jigsaw classroom was 80.5 out of 100.</p><p>Conclusion: Students were able to participate positively by clarifying their own tasks for group and responsibilities within the jigsaw classroom. There was a high degree of satisfaction about the jigsaw classroom among students. Students regarded jigsaw classroom as a favorable learning method.</p>


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