Speech Characteristics of Students with Cluttering-Stuttering

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  • クラタリング・スタタリングを呈する児童の発話特徴
  • ―構音速度と非流暢性頻度の測定―
  • —Measurement of Articulation Rate and Frequency of Disfluency—

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<p>The working definition of cluttering focuses on speed and irregularity of speech, frequency of normal disfluency, and coarticulation. Cluttering is often comorbid with stuttering. In this study, articulation rates and frequency of disfluency in a picture explanation task were measured in nine cluttering-stuttering students, 10 LD, AD/HD, and/or ASD students, and 24 control students. No significant differences were found between the three groups in terms of articulation rates. The results made clear the necessity to examine a more appropriate measurement target such as free utterance, etc. In addition, the results showed that frequencies of normal disfluency as high as those of the cluttering-stuttering group existed in the LD, AD/HD and/or ASD group.</p>


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