Review of Research Literature in Japan of Maternity Care by Public Health Nurses

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  • 行政保健師が行う妊婦支援に関する国内文献検討
  • ギョウセイ ホケンシ ガ オコナウ ニンプ シエン ニ カンスル コクナイ ブンケン ケントウ

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<p>Purpose: There are an increasing number of child abuse consultations, with 120,000 in 2016, and the number of child abuse deaths has not improved. Public health nurses are involved with all pregnant mothers in a certain area from the point of pregnancy registration over a long term, and can provide early detection and action. Pregnancy registration and the maternity handbook is the start of childcare support and we conducted a literature review in order to explore the direction of support by looking at the activities of the public health nurses who provide this initial support as noted in the research until now. Method: We searched databases about child abuse prevention for pregnant women by public health nurses and childcare support with early action measures, and looked at 21 articles about support from the point of pregnancy registration. Result: Itʼs suggested that itʼs possible to determine if a household requires support at the time of pregnancy registration, and child abuse can be prevented through early action from the background of the pregnancy. Further issues can involve the close interprofessional and interorganizational coordination and the processing of information at this initial stage. Discussion: The following are future challenges: ①further application and evaluation of pregnancy registration and issuance of maternal and child health handbook to prevent child abuse, ②further research and evidence-based practice with expert skill in public health nurses.</p>


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