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Synthesis of Chemical- and Photo-responsive Circular Polarized Luminescent Molecules Based on Dynamic Changes of Molecular Structures

  • Chiba Yusuke
    Division of Chemistry, Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences, University of Tsukuba

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  • 化学・光刺激による分子構造の変化を利用した刺激応答型円偏光発光分子の開発


<p>Circular polarized luminescence (CPL) is differential spontaneous emission based on left and right circularly polarized radiation. The luminescence has gained increased attention due to its application as secret light communication and 3D display. Recently, stimuli-responsive circular polarized luminescent systems have been reported. The systems comprise chiral luminescent molecules which change their structure responding external stimuli such as light and ions. This review focuses on the designs and properties of chemical- and photo-responsive circular polarized luminescent molecules.</p>



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