Effect of Stress-Ratio Variation on Random Fatigue Life of Plain Weave Carbon Fabric Composite Laminate

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  • 平織疑似等方 CFRP 積層板のランダム疲労寿命に及ぼす応力比変動の影響


Effects of random variation in stress ratio on fatigue life of a plain weave carbon fabric composite laminate have been studied. A new methodology for random fatigue tests with variation of stress ratio of loading is developed for composites with the help of the anisomorphic constant fatigue life diagram approach. The stress ratio of loading is treated as a random variable, and it is assumed to have a uniform random distribution. Different kinds of pseudo random stress ratio waveforms are generated under the condition that the constituent waveforms sequenced have the same fatigue life. The use of the Miner's rule in conjunction with the rain flow cycle counting method and the anisomorphic constant fatigue life diagram approach allows prediction with an accuracy of a factor of two or in a conservative range, regardless of the pattern of loading, suggesting the usefulness of this methodology for random fatigue life analysis of composites.



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