Does the Mind Really Reside in the Brain? : From the Viewpoint of the Modern Physics, Especially of the Hierarchy Problem


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  • こころ脳(ここ)にあらず : 現代物理学、特に階層性の問題の観点から


When we seek for the origin of the consciousness in things other than the activity of the brain, with physical basis, multi-dimensional universe picture helps us from being bothered with serious non-trivial problems. Simple application of the picture to the problem, however, conflicts with another problem, a kind of hierarchy problem. Parasite fermion is the material particle that exists in the extra dimension, that is, outside of our 4-dimensional universe. Differences in the property of it from the material particle that exists in our universe, termed host fermion, together with the mechanism that causes the difference between them is reviewed. The mechanism enables the material particle to be invisible, although it exists in the neighborhood of us. Then, what happens if we pay our attention to the application of this novel existence scheme of material to the mind-body problem? The parasite fermion model is shown to have the possibility to overcome the problems needed to be clarified to identify the origin of the mind outside the brain.



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