Evaluation of specimens for cornea excitation type tonometer

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  • 摘出豚眼を用いた角膜加振型眼圧計用試験体の眼圧再現精度の評価


<p>The influence of specimens using pig eyeballs on the accuracy of intraocular pressure measurement test is examined for the purpose of improving the accuracy of the cornea excitation type intraocular pressure estimation method. As factors causing deterioration in precision, three points were cited, maker, individual differences of pig eyeballs and number of days elapsed since slaughter. The cause of the abnormality was examined by classifying the intraocular pressure measurement result using the existing tonometer for each of three factors. As a result of the examination, it was revealed that abnormal data occurred when using the pig eye which passed 2 days after slaughter. Moreover, it was confirmed that individual differences between makers and pig eyeballs do not affect the intraocular pressure measurement results. From these results, it was clarified that using the pig eye within 1 day after slaughter can obtain the sample necessary for verifying the performance of the tonometer.</p>


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