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Ductile and Brittle Fracture Simulation Combined with Cohesive Zone Model and Gurson Model Depending on Temperature

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  • 温度依存性を考慮した結合力モデルおよびGursonモデルによる延性・脆性破壊シミュレーション


<p>The contribution of this study is development of ductile and brittle fracture simulation using cohesive zone model and Gurson model depending on temperature. The Gurson model and the cohesive zone model are combined by cohesive-traction embedded damage model(5) to realize ductile and brittle transition. The Gurson model is employed with a criterion of void nucleation proposed by Kikuchi and Sannoumaru(4) to represent complex fracture behavior of ductile failure in three-dimension. On the other hand, the cohesive zone model proposed by Rice and Wang(7) is utilized for propagation of brittle cracks. Furthermore, the change of the critical cohesive traction and the initial yield stress with temperature is approximately determined by experimental results. Throughout the numerical examples, the proposed model enables us to realize the ductile to brittle transition behavior depending on temperature.</p>



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