Bulk-State Reactions and Improving the Mechanical Properties of Metals through High-Pressure Torsion

  • Han Jae-Kyung
    School of Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, Oregon State University
  • Jang Jae-il
    Division of Materials Science and Engineering, Hanyang University
  • Langdon Terence G.
    Materials Research Group, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Southampton
  • Kawasaki Megumi
    School of Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, Oregon State University

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<p>This report presents an overview of recent studies demonstrating a bulk-state reaction involving mechanical bonding through the application of high-pressure torsion (HPT) processing on two dissimilar engineering metals. This processing approach was developed by revising the sample set-up and applying the simple procedure of alternately stacking two different metal disks using several different metal combinations. Thus, this report describes the development in microstructure after the bulk-state reactions and the mechanical properties of the HPT-induced Al–Mg, Al–Cu, Al–Fe and Al–Ti alloy systems. A microstructural evaluation confirmed the capability of the HPT procedure for the formation of heterostructures across the disk diameters in these processed alloy systems. Tribology tests and hardness values together with density measurements demonstrated an improved wear resistance and an exceptional specific strength in these alloy systems. The bulk-state reaction by HPT demonstrates a considerable potential for the bonding of dissimilar metals and the fabrication of unique metal systems.</p>



    MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS 60 (7), 1131-1138, 2019-07-01

    The Japan Institute of Metals and Materials

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