A Study of Recommended Tourism Related to Pilgrimage Experience of Cultural Heritage Kumano Pilgrimage Route Iseji

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  • 巡礼体験との関係からみた文化遺産「熊野参詣道伊勢路」の推奨される観光に関する研究
  • ジュンレイ タイケン ト ノ カンケイ カラ ミタ ブンカ イサン 「 クマノ サンケイドウ イセロ 」 ノ スイショウ サレル カンコウ ニ カンスル ケンキュウ

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<p>In recent days it is much more often to utilise the heritage as an important resource of the tourism. Kumano pilgrimage route Iseji has been recognized as a heritage of pilgrimage space and has been managed as a world heritage site, but the tourism has not been analysed from the value of the heritage. This study aims to clarify the way of realising the value of heritage on the tourism context through the case study of the Kumano pilgrimage route Iseji. As a result of the analysis about the guidebooks of Iseji, many guides recommend treating Iseji as an object to see with the information of "Sacred Places" in a small place, while some guidebooks recommend walking from Ise to Kumano like a pilgrim without the information of the faith. The way of tourism on a cultural site, with the consideration of the original way of use of the heritage, should be designed to compensate some part of the factor (information, space, object and behaviour) which tend not to be written on the guidebooks.</p>



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