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Relapsing pancreatitis with an excellent response to bromhexine hydrochloride

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  • ブロムヘキシン塩酸塩が著効した再発性膵炎の1例


<p>A 60-year-old male had eight episodes of acute pancreatitis and was hospitalized seven times over 17-months. Although various studies were performed, the cause of acute pancreatitis could not be determined. Treatment with oral bromhexine hydrochloride was started with the expectation that it would prevent relapse of the pancreatitis and he has not had a relapse for 42 months. The administration of bromhexine hydrochloride may be a viable treatment option for patients with relapsing pancreatitis.</p>


  • Suizo

    Suizo 34 (6), 312-316, 2019-12-25

    Japan Pancreas Society


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