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Experiences of Dealing with Uncertainty in the Clinical Treatment of Developmental Disability (<i>Hattatsu shōgai</i>)


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  • 発達障害の臨床における不確実性の経験
  • ハッタツ ショウガイ ノ リンショウ ニ オケル フカクジツセイ ノ ケイケン

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<p>Hattatsu shōgai (translated literally as developmental disability, but not synonymous to the term; encompasses learning disability, ADHD and autism spectrum disorder) is a new category of disability that emerged into the public discourse in Japan in the 2000s. This paper is based on interviews with 9 clinicians working with patients with hattatsu shōgai, focusing on the uncertainties they face in their clinical practices. Their narratives revealed three major sources of uncertainty: (1) those caused by the spatial limitation of the clinical setting, (2) those caused by limited knowledge of the past or outlook for the future of the patient, and (3) those caused by the lack of adequate skills or experience on the part of the clinician.</p>



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