Taking an interdisciplinary approach to Hawaiian language newspapers

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  • ハワイ語新聞への学際的アプローチ
  • ―An analysis of articles regarding Japan, Japanese, and Japanese immigrants―
  • ―日本・日本人・日系人関連記事の分析―


<p> The Hawaiian language has an exceptionally large body of resources for an indigenous language, including Hawaiian language newspapers, which have been used primarily for research on Native Hawaiians. However, these newspapers contain much information on various matters, not all of which are focused on the indigenous people. The present paper reports a study on issues relating to Japan, Japanese, and Japanese immigrants that was conducted by using Hawaiian language newspapers as the primary resource. It investigates newspaper articles published between 1904 and 1946 and collected in 2014, and it analyzes the way these articles describe Japanese people in Hawai‘i.</p>



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