Experimental study on the flow characteristics and mixing in the agitator flow of viscoelastic fluid

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  • 粘弾性流体の撹拌器流れにおける流動と混合に関する実験的研究


<p>The agitator is used for the purpose of reaction and mixing, and the quality of the product is determined by the agitator flow inside it. The agitator flow is affected by the geometry of the vessel and impeller, Reynolds number and fluid property. The authors are interested in the agitator flow of viscoelastic fluids with the addition of surfactants to water. In an agitator flow consisting of a complex shear flow, various experimental methods have been used to evaluate flow characteristics under conditions where viscoelasticity emerges. First, we tried to figure out conditions that show unique flow characteristics by stirring torque measurement and flow visualization with fine flake tracer particles. In the next, we evaluated mixing time by PLIF (Planer Laser Induced Fluorescence) measurement. It was found that in relatively low surfactant concentration case, flow characteristics are similar to those of water flow. On the other hand, in high surfactant concentration case, larger eddies, high torque and slow mixing are observed in the agitator flow.</p>


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