Seismic Motion Analysis of Racks for Electronic Apparatus Considering Loosening of Screws

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  • ねじのゆるみを考慮した電子装置用ラックの地震時挙動再現解析


<p>In this study, we developed an effective numerical code to analyze the seismic motions of mechanical structure with screws. The numerical code was developed based upon the adaptively shifted integration (ASI)-Gauss technique. Loosening mechanism of screws was considered by employing a bearing-surface slip frequency dependent model. We carried out a shake-table test of a rack for electronic apparatus and simulated with three types of numerical models. The screw elements were not considered in the first numerical model. The screw elements were considered in the second numerical model; however, the loosening of screws was not considered. In the third numerical model, both the screw elements and the loosening mechanism were considered. As a result of each comparison, the numerical result of the third model agreed best with the test result. These results suggest that it is necessary to consider the loosening of screws when analyzing the seismic motions of mechanical structure with screws such as the racks.</p>


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