Introduction of Modern Art Education in a Developing Country

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  • 開発途上国における近代的美術教育の導入
  • 開発途上国における近代的美術教育の導入 : モルディブの1984年ナショナルカリキュラムをめぐる教育現場の対応
  • カイハツ トジョウコク ニ オケル キンダイテキ ビジュツ キョウイク ノ ドウニュウ : モルディブ ノ 1984ネン ナショナルカリキュラム オ メグル キョウイク ゲンバ ノ タイオウ
  • The Reaction of Schools to the Maldives’ National Curriculum (1984)
  • モルディブの1984年ナショナルカリキュラムをめぐる教育現場の対応

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This article aims to investigate art education in the Maldives, which began with introduction of the National Curriculum in 1984, from the perspective of the actual condition of the schools at that time. Three types of material are used to show the reaction to introducing art education in the Maldives: text data from interviews with Maldivian teachers, a sample book made by a teacher, and a collection of paintings made by Maldivian children. The study consequently reveals the following: art education spread rapidly on a national scale despite it being a novel subject; teachers’ guidebooks published by the Ministry of Education played an important role in this, and the concepts of modern art education were accepted and practiced in classes from the very beginning.


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