Shamanism in <i>Kojiki</i>: The Magical Moment of Naming for the Birth of Ashihara-no-Nakatsukuni


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  • 古事記における「シャーマニズム」
  • 古事記における「シャーマニズム」 : 葦原中国と命名することについて
  • コジキ ニ オケル 「 シャーマニズム 」 : ヨシハラ チュウゴク ト メイメイ スル コトニ ツイテ
  • ―― 葦原中国と命名することについて ――

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<p>It is hard to give an exact definition of mythology. Some myths are orally transmitted, but others in written form. While some scholars focus on the ontological status of myths as the origin of literature, others put a great emphasis on their historical and transformative dynamism. With such an indefinable nature of the genre in mind, here I will consider the Shamanistic power of words in Kojiki. As the act of naming gives birth to a country, that is, Ashihara-no-Nakatsukuni, everything is created by the divine words of the gods. In this sense, Kojiki can be a myth about the Shamanistic ritual of linguistic genesis.</p>


  • Japanese Literature

    Japanese Literature 64 (5), 11-20, 2015-05-10

    Japanese Literature Association


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