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Development of EEG-Based In-Home Sleep Measuring System


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  • 脳波測定に基づく家庭用睡眠計測システムの開発


<p>Although polysomnography (PSG) is the gold standard of sleep measurement for the diagnosis of sleep disorders, its application is limited due to several factors including i) disturbing sleep by loading many electrodes and sensors and by staying at a hospital room overnight, and ii) costing a lot and taking a long time to go through PSG in the hospital. We thus undertake development of a sleep measuring system that enables anyone to measure his/her natural sleep at home at a reasonable cost. To construct the sleep measuring system, we have developed following 2 core technologies; i.e., a) a wearable device for the EEG measurement at home, and b) an AI program to analyze EEG data for sleep staging. In the development of the wearable device, we made a trial product with built-in electrodes (Phase 1) to find problems of robustness of the measurement and comfort of use. We thus modified the prototype to a device with separate electrodes (Phase 1.5), which met our quality criteria. We studied sleep staging of PSG data by using the deep learning to develop a good analyzing model, which gave staging results with κ-index of 0.83 against staging results by skilled clinical laboratory technicians. We now develop a sleep staging model for the wearable device. We are also developing a system integrating the core technologies, the communication network, and interfaces for inputs/outputs of data and information.</p>



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