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Estimation of scapula position during baseball pitching


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  • 投球動作中の肩甲骨の位置変化の推定
  • トウキュウ ドウサ チュウ ノ ケンコウコツ ノ イチ ヘンカ ノ スイテイ

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This study was to develop a scapula position and each posture by measuring the position of the scapula and each posture with a static posture close to the pitching motion using the scapula locator and develop an estimation formula of the position of the scapula of each marker and each posture I decided. The subjects were 22 right-handed athletes from University baseball team (age: 20.0 ± 1.2 years old, height 178.0 ± 6.0 m, weight 76.5 ± 5.7 kg). This study was conducted in the following four ways. First, researchers hit the peg from the back and conformed the shape of the scapula. Secondly, the scapula measurement and the position of the scapula with each marker and each posture were measured with a static posture close to the pitch, using an optical three dimensional automatic motion analyzer. Third, we developed the position of the scapula by the marker and the estimation formula of each posture. Fourth, the actual pitching was compared with the estimation formula developed in this research by the VICON. From the results of this study, it became possible to accurately measure the position of the scapula, which was thought to be difficult to measure so far, not only leading to the prevention or early detection of throwing shoulder, It can be applied to sports and degenerative diseases due to aging.



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