The Formation and Acceptance of Hōnen philosophy in the <i>Tamemori Hosshin Innen shū</i> 為盛発心因縁集

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  • 『為盛発心因縁集』における法然思想の形成と受容について
  • 『 イセイホッシン インネンシュウ 』 ニ オケル ホウネン シソウ ノ ケイセイ ト ジュヨウ ニ ツイテ

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<p>There is one variety of the short story collection Otogi Zōshi お伽草子 in which there is a story called Tamemori Hosshin Innen shū 為盛発心因縁集, in which the questions and answers of Tsunoto 津戸 and Hōnen 法然 are described. In this story, there are some doctrinal descriptions of Hōnen, so it has been considered a valuable document with respect to aspects of Hōnen thought that were popular in the late medieval period, but the contents of the questions and answers of Tsunoto and Hōnen have been hardly discussed by researchers.</p><p>Therefore, here by examining some of the questions and answers in the Tamemori Hosshin Innen shū, I point out the emphasis on the idea of nenbutsu metsuzai 念仏滅罪 and the gokuraku jōdo 極楽浄土, and clarify the Hōnen thought reconstructed in the form of a story, and its acceptance.</p>


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