<i>Ánupetā</i>ya and <i>Anupanīya</i>

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  • ánupetāyaとanupanīya
  • anupetayaとanupaniya
  • anupetaya ト anupaniya

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<p>We find in the Brāhmaṇas and Upaniṣads stories of householders who have already learned the Vedas approaching the teacher to learn the esoteric teachings. In some cases, the teacher teaches the teachings with ánupetāya (ŚB., ŚB. or anupanīya (ChU.5.11.7): “without initiation.”</p><p>This paper examines the background and meaning of ánupetāya and anupanīya, focusing on the description that “one should teach him who already has stayed for a year” in ŚB. Although the backgrounds of ŚB. and ChU.5.11.7 are different from the background of ŚB., it is presumed that students are already qualified at the time of teaching in both cases. This paper also presents the possibility that the meaning of ánupetāya and anupanīya is “since he is already suitable for esoteric teachings, one will not initiate him.”</p>



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