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The Change of Main Characters in Jain Carita Literature

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  • ジャイナ教チャリタ文学における主要人物の変遷とその背景
  • ジャイナキョウ チャリタ ブンガク ニ オケル シュヨウ ジンブツ ノ ヘンセン ト ソノ ハイケイ

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<p>Jain Carita Literature has a long tradition. The Jains had formalized their saints into Sixty-three Great Men. However, the authors of Carita works often created many biographies about saints other than the Sixty-three Great Men. This paper takes up three people, Neminātha, Bāhubalin, and Śālibhadra.</p><p>Neminātha, the 22nd Tīrthaṅkara is included in Sixth-three Great Men. But the Jain Old Gujarati works, succeeding a tradition of the Jain Caritas, emphasized the love of his fiance Rājul for Neminātha, rather than the biography of Neminātha.</p><p>Bāhubalin overwhelmed his brother, the first Cakravartin Bharata, in a battle, and underwent a conversion to Jain doctrine by his father, the first Tīrthaṅkara, Ṛṣabha. Bāhubalin is the most important character in that story.</p><p>Śālibhadra was a very wealthy merchant whose wealth outdid that of the king. But one day he realized that the king dominated him, and all people also had a master. Then Śālibhadra renounced the worldly life.</p><p>This paper proposes that the Jain authors gave these Extra-saints appropriate roles required according to the social or political situation.</p>



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