On Pho lha nas Painted on Tsong kha pa’s Pictorial Biography

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  • ツォンカパ絵伝に描かれたポラネーについて
  • ツォンカパエデン ニ エガカレタ ポラネー ニ ツイテ

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<p>In “Tsong kha pa’s 15 Thangkas Pictorial Biography (Tsong kha pa rnam thar ras bris),” published in the 18th century, there is a single scene that is not supposed to be directly related to Tsong kha pa’s own achievements. The purpose of this investigation is to justify the relationship between Tsong kha pa’s pictorial biography and the contents of the paintings, which are considered to be a scene (the so-called Pho lha nas scene) related to Pho lha nas bSod nams stobs rgyas (1689–1747). As a result of collating references and iconographic materials, I am able to show that the “Pho lha nas scene” is irrelvant to Tsong kha pa’s own achievements, but is rather only an extra section. Furthermore, it is also clarified that it is a scene created when publishing the woodcuts of the Kanjur and Tanjur, based on Pho lha nas instructions. It is obvious that the extra scene in “Tsong kha pa’s Pictorial Biography” was dedicated to the remarkable achievements (bsNgo rten) of Pho lha nas.</p>



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